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Computer Science – Video Game 设计

学者 / School of Science, Technology and Health / Computer Science – Video Game 设计


Imagine creating a passion, like the one you feel when gaming, for a new generation of gamers. As the video game industry continuously grows, so do opportunities for those who understand both the creative and technical sides of the industry. 在博彩平台推荐的电子游戏设计课程, you’ll gain a breadth of knowledge in design, 动画, 平面艺术 and computer programming – all valuable skills that will make you a player in the dynamic game design industry.

TU’s video game design program will provide you with the skills you need to successfully work in the games industry as a programmer, designer or producer. You’ll gain a broad base of experience, allowing you to find success either at larger firms or with smaller developers – the latter of which is of tremendous contemporary relevance, 游戏开发中的许多新工作都来自中小型工作室.

在过去5年里,独立游戏开发出现了巨大的增长, 因为手机游戏越来越受欢迎, 以及Unity等现成游戏引擎的普及. The video game design field is an offshoot of software development and so fits in nicely with our program as well as our software development concentration. 然而, 电子游戏设计缩小了范围,专注于游戏产业, which is growing globally and exponentially.

Programmed for Success
  • Acquire the skills you’ll need to successfully work in the games industry or a related field where gaming technologies are used in education and training.
  • Study with professors who bring years of industry leadership and experience to the classroom.
  • Work in an advanced computer science lab with the most up-to-date software environments and equipment.
  • 你将完成一项规定的专业实习, 在这个领域实习的机会也很多.
  • The TU 商学院 is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

The video game design concentration will prepare you with real-world skills and knowledge of the video game industry, including game design, 动画, 平面艺术, database structures and computer programming. 您将与具有多年IT经验的知识渊博的教授一起学习. During your studies, 你将有机会获得许多行业认证, 包括业界公认的Unity认证用户认证. 和, along with game design concepts, 你会学到基本的沟通技巧, 组织, critical thinking and teamwork – soft skills that are critical to the success of any IT professional.

A Practical, Professional Education
  • 该计划将为您在游戏开发中的角色做好准备, 具有使用Unity引擎的特定专业知识. (According to CB Insights, a tech market intelligence platform, Unity开发者是全球增长速度第七快的职业.)
  • 行业认证是建立在课程的工作,你将准备:
    • Excel
    • 微软客户端
    • 网络+
    • 安全+
    • 项目管理注册助理(CAPM)
    • 软件测试认证助理(CAST)或软件质量认证助理
    • HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals
    • Introduction to Programming Using Python
    • 访问专家
    • c#编程
    • +认证
    • Server+/Microsoft Server 2016
    • Linux+ or RedHat Certification
    • ICDN1
    • ICDN2
    • Cloud+/Microsoft Cloud
    • 思科CCNA
    • Linux +
    • AWS云
  • Tiffin is an Amazon Web Services Academy, enabling us to provide a cloud-computing curriculum that prepares you to pursue industry-recognized certifications and in-demand cloud jobs.
  • 博彩平台推荐是认证授权考试中心和Pearson Vue考试中心, 使您能够在校园内参加大部分认证考试.

In the video game design program, you’ll learn by doing, 当你将游戏设计理念与实践相结合时. Most of our classes are hands-on, where you’ll actively work on projects based on in-class learning. 您将使用与行业中使用的相同的设备和软件. You’ll participate in a 150-hour professional internship, gaining valuable industry experience. 通过实地考察,你将亲眼看到这个行业的工作情况. 和, you’ll hear from accomplished IT professionals, who visit our campus to speak on current topics.

Bringing Knowledge to Practice
  • In game design classes, you’ll engage in project-based learning, working with real equipment and software.
  • In your second-to-last course of the program, CST460 Research in Computer Science, you’ll focus on a project through the term, 涵盖所有领域的课程,并将知识付诸实践.
  • 在最后的过程中, CST470实习, you’ll work professionally within an 组织 for a minimum of 150 hours gaining practical experience and learning what life is like working in the industry.
  • Hands-on IT projects working with the local community are at times incorporated into course work.
  • Clubs and 组织s – such as the Tiffin University ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) Student Chapter, 或者我们称之为技术俱乐部——提供对现实世界学习的见解.

General Education Core (37 hours)

  • MKT151 Introductory Marketing
  • CST155 Introduction to Operating Systems
  • ACC210 Financial 会计
  • MGT201 Management of Organizations
  • CST201 Introduction to Programming
  • LAW211 Business Law I
  • ECO222 Principles of Microeconomics
  • CST230 网络ing Fundamentals
  • CDS244 Cyber Security
  • 数据库1
  • CST285 Spreadsheets and Analytics
  • FIN301 Business 金融
  • CST412 IT Project Management
  • CST460 Research in Computer Science
  • CST470实习
  • MGT495 Organizational Strategy

总计 = 48小时

  • CST255 Internet and Website Development
  • CST301 Advanced Programming Concepts
  • CST450应用程序开发编程
  • GDM I Introduction to Games (RIZE)
  • GDM II Content and Systems 设计 (RIZE)
  • GDM III Unity I: Working with Unity (RIZE)
  • GDM V Unity II:高级Unity编程(RIZE)
  • GDM VI顶点项目-构建游戏(RIZE)

总计 = 24小时

总计 BS hours = 127-135

这是一个示例课程序列来说明本专业的课程设置. 有关详细的注册和咨询信息,请咨询官方学术公报.


Internet and Website 设计 (CST 255) – Topics covered are the Internet and its parts such as the World Wide Web and web-site development. The student will learn to create web sites using the current tools such as Notepad++ or another development environment along with languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for the internet, intranets and extranets. This course will qualify a student to sit for the Microsoft 98- 375 HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals certification exam through the Microsoft Corporation to obtain a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification or other comparable certification. 

Advanced Programming Concepts (CST 301) – This course will continue with concepts of using a programming language introduced in the CST201 Programming course. The course will focus on advance programming techniques building on the basic ideas of programming. 这将包括在编程代码中构建和合并, 各种数组类型和其他高级数据结构, 理解和构建对象,使用对象和由对象构建的类. 学生还将在编码程序中构建图形用户界面(GUI). 我们将解释递归的概念,并重申异常处理. This course will qualify a student to sit for the Microsoft 98-381 Intro to Programming Using Python certification exam through the Microsoft Corporation to obtain a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification or other comparable certification.

应用程序开发编程(CST 450) -本课程探讨最新的编程方法, 特别是现在使用的最新的编程语言. 所使用的开发环境和编程语言由讲师选择. The purpose is to give the student experience in another programming language different from the beginning course work. The level of programming for the student will be driven to where they can design complicated and sophisticated software using advance coding. Projects will include bridging between basic computer concepts identified in previous course work and designing standard & mobile applications. This course will qualify a student to sit for several certifications’ exams depending on the language utilized. Certifications could include the Microsoft 70-483 c#编程 or the Microsoft 98-338 Introduction to Programming using JAVA certification exam through the Microsoft Corporation to obtain a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification or other comparable certification.


在校园 -提供为期15周的学期形式,开始日期为1月和8月


All Computer Science concentrations offered:

电子游戏行业对游戏程序员的需求非常高, 这既包括有经验的员工,也包括初级员工. 根据美国.S. 部门. 的劳动, 电子游戏设计师的就业率将在未来10年猛增30%, 使其成为美国发展最快的职业之一.

  • Creative Game Director
  • 游戏动画
  • 游戏艺术家
  • 游戏设计师
  • 游戏开发者
  • 游戏营销/公关
  • 游戏制作人
  • 游戏程序员
  • Mobile 游戏设计师
  • 多媒体艺术家
  • Simulation Programmer
  • 库珀轮胎
  • 第一能源
  • 马拉松
  • 韦伯斯特
  • Local school districts

Program Requirements




“当涉及到新事物时,任何人的头脑中都会有一点怀疑. But for me, I think proving people, who said I couldn’t do it, wrong is my biggest motivation. 对我来说再也没有什么是不可能的了. The world is constantly changing and I feel like 我是 much more capable of adapting to those changes now compared to when I was walking on to TU’s campus for the first time.”

Louisville, Colorado